1. Install required packages: Debian:
  2. glm
  3. glu
  4. freeglut
  5. lib32-glu
  6. lib32-freeglut
  7. SOIL

Debian: sudo apt-get install libglm-dev libglu1-mesa-dev freeglut3 libsoil-dev

IMPORTANT glm cannot be of version or later, it can be at latest of version, since in version they changed how vectors and matrices are initialized.

Path must be changed to the absolute path to the game folder for the models, pictures and shaders to work! Look at SceneObject.hpp for an example.


Credits to the following people:

Olav Kjartan Larseng: For figuring out how to import 3D models and getting me started with shaders.
Chris Hagerup : For figuring out how to implement reflection on the water (especially the cube texture part).
Victor : For helping me out with the game logic and for providing access to a publicly free 3D model for the airplane.
Daniel : For figuring out how to draw the battlefield.



Screenshots are in the screenshots folder showing how the game should look like