This wiki contains descriptions of tools listed in this [repository](
These tools operate with NetCDF files.

### Tools

#### Visualization tools:

* [2d s-horizontal mesh graphics viewers - command line and GUI scripts](pyview)

* [polygon zoom and rangefinder](polygon_zoom)

* [transects viewers](pytrans)

* [line_zoom tool](linezoom)

* [diffing two files or records s-horizontally](pydiff)

* [vertically integrated 2d mesh plot and total mass time series](vertically_integrated_mesh)

* [animation: snapshots and merging](animation)
* [animation of transectional plots](transect_animation)

* [ice volume dynamics](ice_volume)

#### Command line tools

* [scripts for manipulations with ROMS river runoff inputs](rivers)
* [see also this wiki](

* [python time records look-up tools](ncdates)

* [grep a record number and grep a record slice](grepslice)

* useful when dealing with NetCDF files with thousands of records

* [ and](scpfiles)

* safe scp and custom renaming of NetCDF files

* [stations: from excel data file to ROMS input](stations)

### Troubleshooting and recipes:

* [monthly climatology from ROMS results](clim_from_roms)

* [NetCDF data overlap issue](overlap_solution)

* [producing a4 restart file by interpolating vertically and horizontally a20 rst file](rst_instructions)

* [adding vertically and horizontally interpolated variables from another set](extra_var)

### [FAQ](faq)